Technical parameters

Video format
MPEG-4 (H.264)
Audio format
Max. resolution (px×px)
1 x 3.5mm jack (Mic input)
1 x Adapter (Component/Composite/Audio)
1 x HDMI (Input)
1 x HDMI (Output)
1 x Micro USB
1 x USB-A

Product description

iD4Mobile GrabberHD is a compact device that allows you to record video materials from any device that is equipped with HDMI or Composite and Component connectors - it is, therefore, possible to record both materials from a digital signal and convert an analog signal to HDMI.

The recorder allows you to capture material from the source and save it to an external disk connected via USB-A in Full HD (1080p) quality and H.264 encoding.

HD Grabber, in addition to the USB-A 2.0 port, is equipped with a 3.5mm (minijack) microphone input. On the rear panel, the user has access to the MicroUSB connector (which allows the recorder to connect to the computer and its further configuration), HDMI input and output, and component/composite input (that can be connected via a mini8 adapter).

Grabber can be controlled by the record button (on the front panel) and two buttons on the top panel - one to choose the resolution (720p/1080p) and the other to choose the source (Analog/HDMI). Green LEDs indicate the selected source and quality. From the computer position it is also possible to define the bitrate for the selected resolution in the range from 1 to 18Mbps and adjust the volume of the recorded sound from the microphone.

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iD4 Grabber User manual PL

Download (1.93M)