Technical parameters

Mixer category
Mixer type
Up to 192 (DMX)
1 x 6.3mm jack (Fog machine controller output)
1 x 6.3mm jack (Strobe controller output)
1 x DMX (3-pin, Output)
1 x DMX (5-pin, Output)
1 x MIDI (Input, DIN5)
Power supply
9V DC; 300mA
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Depth (mm)
Net weight (kg)

Product description

Showtec SM-8/2 is an analog lighting mixer that operates in the DMX512 standard. The device controls up to 192 DMX channels and offers 6 chasers with 240 scenes and 240 scenes in 30 banks (where 8 scenes can be saved in each of the bank).

The front panel of the mixer is equipped with an LED screen that informs i.a. about the selected chaser, stage, and bank. Using the Fog and Strobe buttons you can control the strobe and fog machine controllers. The faders available on the right allows you to control speed and dimming.

The rear panel of the SM-8/2 is equipped with two 6.3mm mono jack outputs and two DMX outputs - one three-pin and the other five-pin.

The device is available at the SQM Rental House rental.


SM-8/2 User manual

Download (560.29k)