The RENTALHOUSE.SQM.EU platform is a completely new solution in the industry. Thanks to the use of advanced solutions, it integrates data on an ongoing basis with the internal ERP system, which gives knowledge about the warehouse inventory at a time specified by the customer, sets prices based on the level of cooperation with the customer, but also automates the payment system, invoicing and notifications about the status of the order. The logged in user of the platform has constant access to order history and created configurations. Scenario configurators use proprietary algorithms based on AI technology. Just like the notification system for order picking, the so-called 6th sense. The process itself is designed so that "with one click" you can go through the next stages of the order completion. In the event of circumstances requiring the intervention of specialized account managers or the so-called technicians, the system automatically switches the client to the so-called online contact and, depending on the customer's preferences, it is a chat or phone conversation.