Technical parameters

Pixel pitch (mm)
4-in-1 Integrated Matrix Device
Common Cathode
Cabinet width (mm)
Cabinet height (mm)
Cabinet depth (mm)
Inner angle of cabinets connection (°)
Resolution (px×px)
Max. brightness (cd/m²)
Viewing angles (h/v; °)
Refresh Rate (Hz)
Protection Level (IP)
Front: IP40
Rear: IP21
Working Environment
Front / Rear
Max. power consumption per cabinet (W)
Net weight (kg)

Product description

SQM Multimedia Support is proud to present you with the innovative Absen AX1.5 LED screen, which SQM Rental House offers as one of the first in the world!

The phenomenal quality LED panel with a pixel pitch of 1.58 millimeters is based on advanced 4-in-1 IMD (Integrated Matrix Device) packaging technology and groundbreaking CC (Common Cathode) technology, thanks to which the panel brightness is increased and the process of heat dissipation is significantly improved.

The Absen AX1.5 from the Aries series is created for presentations in the 16:9 standard and 4K resolution, and thanks to the supported HDR10 image standard, a high contrast ratio as well as wide color space are provided. The products from these series are known for their uniformity of color, which makes them perfect for creating a uniform video wall with phenomenal, flawless quality of presented multimedia.

The 610x343mm LED panel also features a high refresh rate of 3840 hertz, wide viewing angles (160° horizontally and 140° vertically), and a maximum brightness of 800 nits.

Another feature of the phenomenal Absen AX1.5 LED screen is its modularity and simplicity of installation - thanks to the magnetic Auto-Lock and Auto-Eject system, the panels can be quickly connected/disconnected by one person. The special design also protects each of the four corners of the screen.

The design of the panel also allows for a concave connection of cabinets by 2.5°, thanks to which the user has the opportunity to create unusual, wavy shapes.

The state-of-the-art Absen AX1.5 is designed for internal projections that require high and crystal-clear image quality. The perfect solution for fairs, conferences, and multimedia shows on a very large scale.

SQM. One step ahead.


Absen AX1.5 User manual

Download (2.24M)

Certificates & DWG - P1.58

Download (2.36M)