Technical parameters

Pixel pitch (mm)
MicroX X-GOB
True Black SMD1010
Cabinet width (mm)
Cabinet height (mm)
Cabinet depth (mm)
Resolution (px×px)
Max. brightness (cd/m²)
Viewing angles (h/v; °)
Refresh Rate (Hz)
Protection Level (IP)
Working Environment
Front / Rear
Max. power consumption per cabinet (W)
Net weight (kg)

Product description

SQM Multimedia Solutions highly recommends a unique moduLED P2.06 LED screen, which is designed to work with modular frame systems used for building ecological exhibition stands.

The moduLED screen features an excellent image quality thanks to a pixel pitch equal to 2.06 mm, which in practice means a quality closer to P1 screens. The screen has been produced in X-GOB technology, which is characterized by no use of masks - the surface of the module is embedded in special glue, which significantly increases its resistance to damage or dust and strongly reflects light. The screen was mounted with True Black SMD1010 method (1x1mm).

The native resolution of the cabinet is 240x240 pixels, which combined with the maximum brightness of over 1000 nits, HDR10 technology and perfect viewing angles (160° both vertically and horizontally) makes the moduLED P2.06 perfectly present the content on your stand.

The moduLED dimensions are 496x496 mm - it is a screen fully compatible with 55 or 62 mm thick exhibition system frames - perfect image quality on a free-standing or suspended construction!

An unquestionable advantage of this model is also the possibility of servicing from the front, so there is no need to disassemble the screen in order to remove a single module, power supply or card. Weighing 8.2 kilograms, the cabinet can be easily carried thanks to convenient grips. The maximum current consumption for one cabinet is ~180W (~730W/m²).

The fantastic moduLED P2.06 can be connected to each other at a 90° angle thanks to dedicated corner screens available at SQM Rental House.
Rent the frameLED P2.06 modular screen and unleash the true power of multimedia at your trade show booth!


RCG - moduLED

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Certificates & DWG - P2.06

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moduLED Specsheet

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