Technical parameters

Device type
Max. SPL (dB; @1m)
Frequency response (Hz)
30 ~ 20000
THD (%)
Microphone type
Microphone sensitivity (dBV/Pa)
-35.9 (16mV/Pa, 1kHz)
Microphone diameter (mm)
40 (Capsule)

Product description

Rduch MEGzw-15 is a gooseneck condenser microphone. The electret microphone with hypercardioid characteristics works in a frequency range of 30 to 20,000 hertz. The microphone output voltage is 16mV/Pa (or -35.9dBV/Pa). Signal to noise ratio is equal to 66 decibels.

The diameter of the MEGzw-15 gooseneck arm is 6mm, and the capsule has a diameter of 40 millimeters and is 8mm long. The microphone requires a phantom power supply (20-52V DC) and is equipped with a 5-meter long cable. Silent switching on/off of MEGzw-15 guarantees a sliding switcher.

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