Technical parameters

Speaker category
Speaker type
Max. SPL (dB; @1m)
Frequency range (Hz)
50 ~ 18000
LF transducer
1 x 5"
HF transducer
1 x 1"
Nominal coverage (h/v; °)
Continuous power (W)
1 x 6.3mm jack (Unbalanced)
2 x 3.5mm jack
USB port
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Depth (mm)
Net weight (kg)

Product description

SQM Rental House offers a single-channel, compact PA system MA-303SB by Mipro. The active, wireless All-in-One set is equipped with a D-class 60W amplifier, a 5-inch woofer, and a 1-inch high-frequency transducer. The device's typical efficiency is 92dB, and the maximum level reaches 102 decibels (from 1 meter).

MA-303SB is equipped with a built-in audio player, which can be controlled by five buttons located on the rear panel of the device. Music files can be played by connecting an external device to a USB 2.0 port or Bluetooth streaming. The most important information about a currently played file is available on the LCD display.

The user also has at its disposal an unbalanced 6.3mm microphone input and two 3.5mm line input and output. In addition to four knobs that control the volume of particular sources, the rear panel of the MA-303SB is equipped with a Bluetooth LED indicator, DC input, and a four-level indicator that shows the charging level of the built-in lithium battery (14.8V/2.6Ah). According to the manufacturer's specifications, the battery life is equal to approximately 11 hours and the charge time is equal to 4 hours.

Mipro MA-303SB weighs 2.7 kilograms. It's a perfect solution for both internal and external audio presentations.


MA-303 User guide

Download (1.7M)