Technical parameters

Speaker category
Ceiling speaker
Speaker type
Max. SPL (dB; @1m)
Frequency range (Hz)
28 ~ 20000 (-10dB)
LF transducer
1 x 8"
HF transducer
1 x 1"
Nominal coverage (h/v; °)
Diameter (mm)
Depth (mm)
Net weight (kg)

Product description

SQM Rental House proposes a two-way IC 8S ceiling speaker from the Spanish brand WorkPro, which has a woofer with a diameter of 8 inches and a 1-inch tweeter. A special feature of the high-frequency transducer is that thanks to its adjustability you can easily control the direction of the high-frequency sounds incidence.

IC 8S is adapted to work in a 100-volt installation, where it is possible to set transformer power tappings on 5-8-15-30W - depending on the required installation. The nominal impedance of a speaker is 8 ohms.

The device reproduces frequencies in the range from 28 Hz to 20 kHz and has an efficiency (measured from a distance of 1 meter at 1 watt) of 88dB. The maximum sound pressure level reaches 106 decibels.

The IC 8S housing is made of ABS copolymer, while the grill is made of metal. The diameter of the mounting hole is 225mm, and a single speaker weighs less than 1.5kg. Mounting the speaker in the wall is easy and does not require the use of additional components.


IC 8S User manual

Download (1.17M)