Technical parameters

X-axis - Tilt (°)
Y-axis - Pan (°)
Z-axis - Roll (°)
2 x MiniUSB port
Works with
GoPro HERO 3
GoPro HERO 3+
GoPro HERO 4
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Depth (mm)
Net weight (kg)
Set contains
1 x Charger (4.2V DC)
1 x Dedicated case
1 x USB adapter
2 x USB - MiniUSB cable
4 x Battery (2 sets)

Product description

SQM Rental House recommends the Feiyu Tech G4S compact gimbal, which works perfectly with GoPro HERO 3, HERO 3+ and HERO 4 mini cameras.

The versatile gimbal offers the user a 360-degree range of rotation in three X, Y, and Z axes (tilting, panning, and rolling), making it possible to position the camera in virtually any position and capture any scene.

In addition, there are three operating modes in G4S:
- Panning Mode, in which it is possible to pan the camera only to the right or left (Y-axis);
- Tilting & Panning Mode, in which the camera can be tilted up, down and panned right and left (X- and Y-axis);
- Lock Mode, in which the camera is stably locked in one position and moving around any axis is not possible.

The Feiyu Tech G4S 360°-holder is controlled by a four-way joystick and a function button underneath it, which allows you to turn on a particular mode or turn off the device. An additional advantage of the gimbal is the built-in MiniUSB port, thanks to which it is possible to simultaneously work and charge the camera.

The device is driven by a set consisting of two IMR 18350 batteries with a capacity of 900mAh. The user is informed about the charge level by an LED indicator. Thanks to the ¼-inch threaded connector, you can install G4S on a tripod or mount external devices (e.g. telescopic arm).


G4S User manual

Download (4.43M)