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SQM Rental House offers the 3M Peltor Tactical XP hearing protector, which has the function of adapting to the level of ambient sound level.

The cups of the ergonomic communication headset are connected by a foldable headband covered with leather on the cup-supporting arms. Both the headband and arms are made of stainless steel. The ear cushion is made of PVC foil and polyurethane foam. The protector is equipped with a microphone that is known for its good noise suppression and a J11 headset cable.

On the right cup, there are function buttons that allow inter alia volume control in 6 levels (max. 82dB), a 9-mode balance between the right and left ear, as well as equalizer that adjust tones in Low, Neutral, High or Extra High mode.

The manufacturer recommends not using the 3M Peltor Tactical XP headset under atmospheric conditions below 20°C and above 55°C.


3M Peltor Tactical User manual

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