Technical parameters

Mixer category
Mixer type
4 (Mono, mic/line)
4 (Stereo, line)
Frequency range (Hz)
10 ~ 90000 (±0/-1dB, Line & Stereo)
THD+n (%)
0.005 (A-weighted)
Headroom (dB)
2 x 6.3mm jack (Main unbalanced output)
2 x RCA (Stereo input)
2 x RCA (Stereo output)
4 x 6.3mm jack (Mono line input)
4 x 6.3mm jack (Stereo line input)
4 x XLR (3-pin, Mono mic input)
6 x 6.3mm jack (Phones, FX, Stereo AUX, Control Room Out)
Power supply
230V AC; 50Hz
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Depth (mm)
Net weight (kg)

Product description

Mix 802 is an analog audio mixer from the t.mix (Thomann), which is equipped with eight channels and a three-band equalizer for each of them.

The front panel of the mixer is divided into two parts - the first (upper) is equipped with a number of functional connectors. From the left, the user has access to four mono XLR (three-pin) microphone inputs, and below them - 6.3-mm line jacks. The TRIM knobs are responsible for adjusting the input signal level. Then four (2 x L/R) stereo 6.3mm jack inputs and unbalanced Main mono output are available. The other six 6.3mm connectors are the phones connector, effects processor connector, stereo Aux, or Ctrl Room, which is used to send the sum to the monitors.

The second part of the t.mix Mix 802 is mainly composed of a three-band equalizer for mono/stereo channels. The constant value for high frequencies is 12kHz, 2.5kHz for medium, 80Hz for low, and the correction range is +/-15 decibels. A panorama adjuster is also available. On the right, there are RCA inputs and outputs for connecting an audio player and an external recording device. A phantom power button (48V) is ready for the connection of condenser microphones.

The t.mix Mix 802 analog audio mixer is available at SQM Multimedia Support rental.


Mix 802 User manual

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