Do you need an instant diagnosis and repair of a broken diode? Is your warranty over?

Or maybe you want to assemble a prototype system or solder a small series? Or you need a quick replacement of a damaged socket?

You are in the right place!

SQM is a supplier of the latest multimedia equipment for fairs, conferences, and other events - all over Europe. The company's headquarters is located in Komorniki near Poznań. We have been supplying high-class AV equipment to companies from around the world since 2004 - we deal with multimedia event handling and AV equipment rental.

We can also boast of the PROFESSIONAL SQM SERVICE, which offers you comprehensive LED screen service, advanced SMT assembly, THT assembly, and mixed assembly (SMT/THT).

We meet these expectations by presenting you with the SQM STATIONARY SERVICE, under which we offer replacement or repair of elements such as:

- LED screens (RGB, SMD);
- LED sport bands;
- LED walls;
- telebims;
- LED strips;
- LED curtains;
- LED cubes.

Professional brands such as Absen, Yestech, Gloshine, Unilumin or ESDlumen are not foreign to us.

We are a pioneer on the Polish market in the field of comprehensive repair of the P1 diode - we run a full service, including the replacement of individual pixels, which certainly distinguishes us from other offers!

Thanks to full and professional diagnostics, we are able to locate damage to individual components, thus reducing costs to the MINIMUM!

Below we present the range of the SQM wide service offer:

- full diagnostics and valuation;
- repair of individual pixels;
- repair or replacement of individual modules - depending on the level of damage;
- repairing entire cabinets;
- replacement of the sending/receiving card;
- replacement of other LED screen elements (tape, fan, etc.).

In addition, we also provide the following assembly services for electronic components:

- manual SMT assembly - RLC passive elements in 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 and larger housings;
- multi-leg components (integrated circuits, connectors, etc.);
- manual THT assembly;
- manual assembly in mixed SMT/THT technology;
- replacement of various types of ports (HDMI, USB, Thunderbolt, VGA, DVI) in the above technologies.

We work using SnPb solder and lead-free solder.

Our service is characterized by a total NO QUANTITATIVE RESTRICTIONS - we provide both wholesale services and carry out orders for small series and single copies.
We work on material and parts supplied by the customer.

Our professional service stand is equipped with the highest quality equipment:

- Motic stereoscopic microscopes with a magnification in the range of 7.5x to 50x;
- Weller service stations;
- other equipment of such brands as Elme, Photonic, Ideal-tec, Reeco, or Wetec.

We have comprehensive protection against electrostatic discharges (ESD), from earthing the soldering tip, solder, and the whole station to personal grounding.

At the client's request, we keep photo documentation of the work done.

We are a guarantee of full professionalism - starting from a telephone conversation, ending with the sentence of ready, working equipment!

We encourage you to cooperate with us and invite you to contact us:

- by phone on +48 530 884 422
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