Technical parameters

Working range (m)
Operating frequency (MHz)
2 x 3.5mm jack (Audio input/output)
2 x Ethernet (RJ45)
2 x USB-B
2 x XLR (3-pin, Input/output)
2 x XLR (4-pin, Input/output)
Width (mm)
Cue light - 82.55
Transmitter - 45.72
Height (mm)
Cue light - 177.8
Transmitter - 83.82
Depth (mm)
Cue light - 101.6
Transmitter - 15.75
Net weight (kg)
Cue light - 0.91
Transmitter - 0.11

Product description

DSAN PerfectCue is a professional wireless audio/visual cueing system for presentations control (e.g. PowerPoint) that uses wireless connectivity between a compact transmitter and receiver over a range of up to 100 meters while maintaining a stable signal. It is the perfect solution for controlling presentations in highly networked environments.

Available from SQM Rental House, the DSAN PerfectCue System works in two ways:

- the system allows the presenter to send light or sound signals via the transmitter that are displayed on the receiver - so the presentation operator knows exactly when to switch slides or any other multimedia content;
- the system allows the presenter to control presentations remotely.

One set of PerfectCue System allows you to remotely control presentations on two computers, although thanks to two RJ45 (or XLR) ports it is possible to serially connect multiple systems in the Master/Slave configuration. Using the switch located on the rear panel of the receiver, one of the devices can be set as Master. The computers are connected to each other via two USB B-type ports. The receiver is also equipped with two 3.5mm audio jacks, and the audio level can be controlled by a knob on the rear panel. The system offers connectivity on 256 unique RF channels.

When using multiple PerfectCue systems, communication between the receivers and transmitters is clear and seamless thanks to hardcoded connection via the DIP switch. With this solution, all receiver-transmitter pairs can operate independently, one receiver can be controlled by several transmitters, or one receiver can control other receivers (after proper wiring).

The DSAN PerfectCue multimedia presentation cue light system is a guarantee of a professionally conducted event. Rent it today at SQM Rental House!


PerfectCue System User guide

Download (228.77k)