Technical parameters

Throw ratio
WUXGA - 3.5-5.6:1
WXGA - 3.7-5.9:1
XGA - 3.6-5.8:1
Christie DHD851-Q
Christie DHD1052-Q
Christie DWU851-Q
Christie DWU951-Q
Christie DWU1052-Q
Christie DWX851-Q
Christie DWX951-Q
Christie DXG1051-Q

Product description

SQM Rental House proposes a Christie long-throw zoom lens that is characterized by a long throw with a 3.6-5.8:1 throw ratio for XGA resolution, 3.7-5.9:1 for WXGA resolution and 3.5-5.6:1 for WUXGA resolution.

The Christie Long Throw Zoom Lens is applied to Christie projectors, which are listed on the left side.