Technical parameters

Device requirements
4GB RAM or more
Intel i7 (2.6GHz) or newer
NVIDIA/AMD/Iris Pro with 256MB VRAM or better
Windows 7 SP1 64-bit or newer
macOS X 10.9 or newer

Product description

SQM Multimedia Support offers a license for Resolume Arena 6, which is one of the most popular programs for VJs that offers options for media, effects, and live visualizations mixing. Arena 6 guarantees full control over every multimedia presentation.

The program has a built-in text effect generator that can be animated in an advanced way thanks to a special editor. Resolume Arena 6 guarantees over 40 transition effects, 70 video effects, support for FreeFrameGL plugins, the unlimited possibility of applying effects on clips and layers, audio effects (including VST effects), or combining video-audio effects. Arena 6 supports MOV and AVI video files, PNG, JPEG, and GIF images as well as WAV audio files. The program has an advantage over Resolume Avenue 6 in the form of projection mapping support, DMX control, and SMPTE Timecode input.

Resolume Arena 6 is equipped with a new interface that allows you to move selected elements, group layers, use them as a mask, or block them. Clips can be pinned, so the most important ones will always be at hand.

Arena 6 also works more intuitively and allows for easier library management than its predecessors - it offers, i.a. a quick search of any effects, generators, files or compositions, as well as the ability to highlight a particular clip, layer or group by the color - thanks to that everything will be clear, transparent and quickly available.

Arena 6 is compatible with Ableton Link, and thanks to this user can easily synchronize video and audio. Easy mapping and the MIDI feedback make a cooperation with MIDI controllers much easier. The program supports Blackmagic, AJA, and DataPath capture cards. SQM Rental House offers a Resolume Arena 6 license for 3 computers.