Technical parameters

Speaker category
Ceiling speaker
Speaker type
Max. SPL (dB; @1m)
Frequency range (Hz)
90 ~ 19000 (-10dB)
LF transducer
1 x 4"
Nominal coverage (h/v; °)
Diameter (mm)
Depth (mm)
Net weight (kg)

Product description

SQM Multimedia Support presents the Apart Audio CM4T passive ceiling speaker, which is designed for 100-volt installations. Black-color CM4T-BL consists of a 4-inch transducer with a paper-coated membrane. The speaker's nominal impedance is 16Ω.

The efficiency of CM4T-BL is 88 decibels, where the maximum sound pressure level reaches 103dB. The ceiling speaker reproduces frequencies from 90Hz to 19kHz.

For 100-volt installations, during non-intensive use of the speaker (e.g. when playing background music with low volume), the manufacturer recommends setting the transformer power taps to 1.5 or 3W. To achieve the highest sound pressure level, it is recommended to set the tap to 6W.

The CM4T-BL speaker housing is made of steel and the cover material is aluminum. The speaker with the IP50 protection level is resistant to high humidity levels. It is worth adding that the diameter of the mounting hole is 105mm (with an outer diameter of 135mm). SQM Rental House also recommends the CM4T speaker in white color.


CM4T User guide

Download (440.15k)