Technical parameters

1 x 3.5mm jack
MicroUSB port
Optical digital input
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Depth (mm)
Net weight (kg)

Product description

The Xenic TS-850TR is an optical Bluetooth adapter in the form of a transmitter and receiver.

The switch on the side of the adapter is responsible for changing the device mode.
The device in the receiver (Rx) mode causes that audio device without Bluetooth function begins to receive this signal - the transmitter, in this case, can be any device that supports the Bluetooth module. To do this, connect the TS-850TR to the audio receiver via an optical input or a 3.5mm minijack (both inputs cannot be connected simultaneously), and then pair the transmitter and TS-850TR via Bluetooth.

The TS-850TR in transmission (Tx) mode transmits the audio signal from a device not equipped with Bluetooth to any device that supports that module. To make this happen, connect the Xenic TS-850TR to the audio transmitter via a 3.5mm jack, and then move closer the adapter and receiving device close to each other - maximally to 1 meter.

The adapter is equipped with a built-in 270mAh lithium-polymer battery, 3.5mm jack, MicroUSB connector, and optical input. The compact adapter available at SQM Rental House weighs less than 30g.


TS-850TR User manual (PL)

Download (2.37M)